August 26, 2014Aga

Thank you for saving me. I love the haircut and the new color. I enjoyed the experiance very much. I'm glad I could find such a great stylist in Savannah!

August 24, 2014Marquita

This is Marquita Williams. I spent about 20 minutes with you on Sunday at the LGBT Wedding Expo while you styled my hair. I enjoyed talking with you as much as the style. The “Retro Curls" as my mom called them. When I got home that evening I just threw a headwrap over it and had beautiful, lazy curls Monday morning and nice fluffy waves by Tuesday morning.

I love the dedication you showed at the event and the styles you did for some of the women who got married that day. I have saved your card in my wedding planner and hope that I will be able to work with you for my wedding. Thanks so much again

Marquita Williams

August 07, 2014lisa s

I have been a dedicated Jenika fan for four years and honestly do not trust anyone else. She is patient, pays attention to detail, and takes pride in her work. I am a groupie and will follow her wherever she goes.
Lisa S
the crazy straight blonde in New York

December 30, 2013Cee McKenna

I had the pleasure of working with Jenika for a clothing shoot - I would HIGHLY recommend her! Her attention to details is wonderful - she was on top of any strays and fixed the hair throughout our shoot (after outfit changes, etc), which helps reduce post-production hassle. Her make-up was flawless - our model's face photographed as if she was made of porcelain! Jenika is a pleasure to work with, professional, positive, extraordinarily talented, and understands her client's needs. We would gladly work with her in the future and will be recommending her to all our friends and family!

September 09, 2012Dorit

Thank you Jenika for giving me and my boyfriend the best haircuts of our lives!!! We felt like movie stars coming out of your salon!!! You are a magician with hair!!!

June 28, 2012Sadie Clark

I worked with Jenika on a film shoot, and she was so professional and knowledgeable about hair that when she needed a hairl model I didn't even hesitate. In fact, I was excited for her to get a chance to work with my hair! I got it cut and styled in 3 different ways and it was fantastic! My hair looks amazing and I know how to do it in different styles. As predicted, BEST HAIRCUT I EVER GOT!!!

June 13, 2012Linda Sheck

Hi Jenika,
I met you at Vasken in White Plains. You gave my daughter the best haircut of her life!! I would like to make an appointment with you for both my daughter and myself. Where and when are you available?
Thanks! Look forward to seeing you soon!

June 12, 2012Alicia

Hello Angel. It was so amazing meeting you in Peru! Love your website and your work. Keep shining your beautiful light and spreading love on the planet. Smooches... Alicia

June 10, 2012Lisa S.

Thank you so much for my great haircut! You make it so easy by coming to my home. See you in 3 weeks !

June 06, 2012Shannon Davey

Hi Jenika, I was wondering if you are the same Jenika that had cut my hair at Vasken Demirjian salon in White Plains. If you are,I am in desperate need of your services! Since you left I have not been able to get a decent hair cut. I would love to have you cut my hair again, as you did such an amazing job and I have been thoroughly disappointed with any hair cut since your departure! Thank You ~ Shannon

May 30, 2012Kate

I had a honor to work with this amazing hair-artist and very nice person and have to say she is really great! She saved my hair, she safed my job! ;) Thanx, Jenika! ;)))

April 21, 2012Monica Bermiss

Hi Jenika, You did my hair when you were working in that White Plains salon. You encouraged me to go natural. I am going to give it a try! I'm not sure where you are now but would like to have a consultation with you if possible and hopefully a hair cut. I need to take of about 4 inches at least. I am so looking forward to having your skillfull hands in my hair again. thankful to have met you:) Thanks, Monica

October 19, 2011Kara

Jenika Jenika, You saved the life of my hair, After working as model for 6 years and having my hair tortured every day of my career, I was loosing hope, THEN my hair fell into your hands and you saved it, From having blonde blonde dried snapped bruttle dead hair you gave me a hair due that re created the volume, the health and the color. Ive never felt so comfortable to wear my hair down, now finally it will grow and look and feel natural all because of you. So THANKKKKKKKK YOU. I LOVE YOU

September 13, 2011Larry Allen

Hello JenikaI’m a producer with over a decade of film and television production under my belt.Our business is built on producing professional-quality HD videos with the leading experts in each field. That’s why NBC’s producers came to us early in 2009 and asked to use our videos in their local newscasts. They know that we cover timely and relevant topics that are of great interest to a mass audience.Knowlera Media is the leading creator of professionally produced, lifestyle-focused video content for distribution via Web and broadcast television. Viewed by audiences numbering in the tens of millions each month, Knowlera's growing library of more than 12,000 high definition videos is distributed on multiple media platforms including major web portals, a syndicated network of hundreds of websites and television stations.• ComScore: Over 172 million Americans watched online videos in January, 2011• Our Web Portals reaches over 300 million unique visitors per month.Currently we are looking to find the go-to stylist and salon. This person will know all things hair and if they don’t know it they will know who does. The initial video will be showcasing different concerns for ladies hair such as “How to do extensions, How to know if it’s time for a perm, How to keep curly hair straight." Our hope is to find THE SALON that we rely on and will be known to all as the guru of hair.

July 27, 2011Rita Beauregard

This was the Best birthday gift a woman can get meeting Jenika was one thing knowing her and having her do my hair was something else... Since I have let it grow the easiest thing I found was tying my hair back everyday. Jenika gave me back my spunky character with a new style I love., and so does everyone else.

May 03, 2011Gittan Rehn

it was beyond my fantasies coming to n.Y to get married in this fantastic city. it truly became a dream once i met jenika who helped me in this fantastic way looking beautiful on my big day. i´m so impressed with her great skills and knowledge, she knows exactly what to do to make you look your best and her wisdom of what beauty really is from the inside out. words cannot describe how lucky i am that jenika made me princess for a day.
Gittan from sweden

May 02, 2011Emma Cleary

I a a photographer and I have had the pleasure of working with Jenika on a few photo shoots, she has always been extremely professional and reliable. She is creative and love what she does. I also trust jenika with my own hair which she does a fabulous job on every time. I recommend Jenika to my friends and clients all the time. Keep up the good work!